Guus Hiddink was handed the FA Cup as a going-away present as Chelsea recovered from conceding the fastest goal in final history to beat Everton 2-1.

FA Cup Chelsea 2 - 1 Everton

Guus Hiddink was handed the FA Cup as a going-away present as Chelsea recovered from conceding the fastest goal in final history to beat Everton 2-1.
Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation

Sam Worthington is the next Australian star to take Hollywood by storm.FAME is going to hit Sam Worthington hard, but he seems unfazed by its approach.If you’re going, “Sam, who?”, well, you won’t be saying that for long. Not after you watch the Aussie actor’s performance as Marcus Wright in the one of summer’s biggest and most-anticipated film, Terminator Salvation.And he may not be a household name yet
Terminator Salvation

Batman is back

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Batman is back

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An ordered list

Be A Kid Again 1. Do a cartwheel. 2. Sing into your hairbrush. 3. Walk barefoot in wet grass. 4. Play a song you like really loud, over and over. 5. Dot all your “i”’s with smiley faces. 6. Read the funnies. Throw the rest of ...
An ordered list

The World's Richest Dropouts

Micheal Dell

44 Years Old
Mr. Dell currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. He has held the title of Chairman of the Board since he founded the Company in 1984. Mr. Dell served as Chief Executive Officer of Dell from 1984 until July 2004 and resumed that role in January 2007. He serves on the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, serves on the executive committee of the International Business Council, and is a member of the U.S. Business Council. He also sits on the governing board of the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India.

Micheal Dell enrolled as a biology major at University of Texas but spent more time fiddling with stacks of computer parts in his dorm room than hitting up the library. Instead of studying, he started selling new computers through advertisements in local papers.

It was a lucrative distraction. By the end of his freshman year, Dell was selling about $80,000 a month in computers. With the money rolling in, Dell decided not to return to school.

He dropped out of college at 19 to run the company that would become Dell Inc. (nasdaq: DELL - news - people ) Within the next few years, Dell's annual sales passed $100 million. This March, Forbes' pegged Michael Dell's net worth at $16.4 billion.

Our most recent list of the world's richest included 1,125 billionaires. At least 73 of them, like Dell, dropped out of some stage of schooling.

Those 73 are like Dell in another way too: They didn't drop out to watch daytime television on the couch. They left school to work hard.

Dell explained his attitude to University of Texas grads at a 2003 commencement address: "Circle the pitfalls and highlight the opportunities. Then build a vision of how it could all be better and work like hell to make it happen."

Sheldon Adelson is another billionaire lacking a degree but possessing plenty of hustle. Adelson enrolled at City College of New York but didn't finish, probably because he was too busy with other ventures.

When he was 12, Adelson borrowed $200 from his uncle to start selling newspapers. He dropped out of college to become a court reporter. He also worked as an ad salesman, a consultant, and a tour-business operator.

That relentless drive led him to his first big windfall. He organized the computer industry trade show Comdex and made handsome profits leasing out exhibition space. He's since jumped into casinos, where he's been adding to his fortune ever since. In Forbes' most recent list of the world's billionaires, he ranked 12th with a net worth of $26 billion. (See: "The Gambler.")

Some billionaires didn't even make it as far as Adelson in school. Richard Branson, who had dyslexia, was a lousy student. He dropped out at 16 to start a magazine.

To fund the publication, he also started a mail-order record business; the venture grew into Virgin Records. He took a risk by signing a raucous band called the Sex Pistols, which had already been cut from two other labels. Other hit acts followed, including Boy George and Peter Gabriel.

Plenty of other companies have followed as well. He's since expanded into airlines, health insurance and medical care. Next stop: space. His latest company is Virgin Galactic, which hopes to shoot tourists beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

But don't get the idea from these billionaire dropouts that school is worthless. Even the world's most famous dropout (and its third-richest man) acknowledges the importance of a good education.

75 Years Old
Mr. Adelson has been Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer and a director of the Company since August 2004. He has been Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Las Vegas Sands, LLC (or its predecessor, Las Vegas Sands, Inc.) since April 1988 when it was formed to own and operate the former Sands Hotel and Casino. Mr. Adelson has extensive experience in the convention, trade show, and tour and travel businesses. Mr. Adelson also has investments in other business enterprises. Mr. Adelson created and developed the COMDEX Trade Shows, including the COMDEX/Fall Trade Show, which was the world's largest computer show in the 1990s, all of which were sold to Softbank Corporation in April 1995. Mr. Adelson also created and developed The Sands Expo and Convention Center, which he grew into one of the largest convention and trade show destinations in the United States before transferring it to us in July 2004. He has been President and Chairman of Interface Group Holding Company, Inc. since the mid-1970s and Chairman of our affiliate, Interface Group-Massachusetts, LLC and its predecessors, since 1990.

Bill Gate

Bill Gate left Harvard during his junior year to work on a little company he'd started called Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ). He recently testified before Congress on the importance of improving the U.S. education system.

"Too many of our students fail to graduate from high school with the basic skills they will need to succeed in the 21st-century economy, much less prepared for the rigors of college and career," said Gates.

School has other benefits too, like who you meet. In 2000, billionaire Steve Ballmer took over the role of chief executive of Microsoft from Gates. The two lived down the hall from each other while they were both students at Harvard.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Japan university gives away iPhones to nab truants

TOKYO (AP) — A prestigious Japanese university is giving away hundreds of iPhones, in part to use its Global Positioning System to nab students that skip class.

Truants in Japan often fake attendance by getting friends to answer roll-call or hand in signed attendance cards. That's verging on cheating since attendance is a key requirement for graduation here.

Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo is giving Apple Inc.'s iPhone 3G to 550 students in its School of Social Informatics, which studies the use of Internet and computer technology in society.

The gadget will work as a tool for studies, but it also comes with GPS, a satellite navigation system that automatically checks on its whereabouts. The university plans to use that as a way check attendance.

Students who skip class could still fake attendance by giving their iPhone to a friend who goes to class. But youngsters aren't likely to lend their mobile phones, which are packed with personal information and e-mail, according to the university.

U.S. universities use the iPhone for various, other purposes. At Stanford University, students have developed iPhone applications in a course. At Duke University, the gadget is used to get around the campus and find information about course listings and other events.

Aoyama Gakuin signed a deal earlier this month with Softbank Corp., the exclusive vendors of the iPhone in Japan.

The number of students using the iPhone is expected to reach 1,000 in the program — the first time the iPhone is being used on such a scale at a Japanese university.

The iPhone will be used to relay course materials, lecture videos and tests. The university hopes students will develop software applications and other lifestyle uses for the cell phone.

New incentives for buying original music

SHAH ALAM: The local music industry is having a hard time selling digital song downloads and blames it on the rampant piracy fostered by P2P (peer-to-peer) filesharing platforms.

So, the next best thing for the music barons to do is give away digital music as a value-add whenever someone buys an MP3 player.

senQ appliance stores is giving away songs when you buy any Samsung MP3 player at its Klang Valley, Seremban or Malacca outlets.

The number of free songs will depend on which particular model of MP3 player you choose but it can be anywhere from 10 to 60 songs.

senQ’s music catalogue has 200,000 Malay, Chinese and Tagalog titles from labels such as Maestro Talents (which houses talents from the hit Akademi Fantasia TV show) and New Southern Records. International titles will be available from this month.

The songs will be in a Digital Rights Management-free MP3 format which means you can transfer the music to other devices without complications.

The digital music can also be loaded from the senQ kiosks onto your cellphone’s memory card or a thumb-drive.

This initiative, called Download Originals Only, is driven by senQ chain owner Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd and the newly established Ikon Works Pte Ltd — the distribution arm of Ikon Media Group which deals in events management, publishing and other businesses.

Sweet deal

Ikon Media Group managing director Gan Kheng Chai said music can be a great value-add to push related products.

“Selling the music itself is secondary. In this case, it’s a great sweetener for selling MP3 players,” he said.

He said senQ already sells at least 3,000 MP3 players a month nationwide.

Besides the senQ stores, there are also download kiosks in selected Station One Cafe outlets in the Klang Valley — Setapak, Bandar Menjalara, Kuchai Lama and Overseas Union Garden. There is a total of 20 kiosks in senQ and Station One Cafe outlets.

Station One is allowing redemption of free songs by its members, where they earn points for every purchase which will eventually entitle them to free songs.

The set-up costs for each of the kiosks in senQ or Station One is RM7,000, said Gan. “This is just the beginning. Our plan is to install up to 150 kiosks nationwide before the year ends; at fast food chains, cafes, restaurant chains, convenience stores and bookshops.

“These are the places patronised by our target market — youths and music lovers,” he said.

Party with Stacy

Besides promoting music as a value-add, Ikon is also providing incentives to purchasing original music outright.

Music fans can buy a song for RM3 at the senQ outlets. They pay the cashier who will then give them a code which enables them to transfer a song from kiosk to thumb-drive.

“But people expect more than just music for their money nowadays, so we are giving music fans a chance to enter a competition when they buy digital music,” Gan said.

The winner will receive a visit from Akademi Fantasia 6 winner Stacy to his or her home.

“The one who downloads or redeems the most songs will win the prize, which also includes inviting 50 friends and throwing a party where Stacy will make a one-hour appearance. Food and beverage will be paid for by SenQ,” he said.

The contest ends June 30.

Gan said more of such activities are in the pipeline. “We support the industry’s stand on original digital content.

“And we want to help all artistes and musicians to continue receiving their dues so that they can create more music for the listening pleasure of everyone,” he added.

Driving mobile broadband to tourists

KUALA LUMPUR: Telecommunications company Celcom (Malaysia) Bhd has launched a new programme to push Celcom Broadband Prepaid — its mobile broadband service for cellphones — to tourists and business travellers in the country.

The programme involves decking out 400 limousines operating from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) with Celcom Broadband stickers and lighted signs on the vehicle roofs.

Inside the limos, Celcom has placed pamphlets and brochures detailing its broadband service and related products.

“Also, the limosine drivers will serve as Celcom ambassadors who will answer queries from their passengers on the mobile broadband service,” said Celcom chief marketing officer Chee Pok Jin.

In addition, he said, the drivers would have Celcom Broadband Prepaid starter packs to sell to interested passengers.

Chee was speaking at the launch of the campaign recently at the KLIA. “We hope that with this initiative, we can expand our broadband user base to travellers who need to stay connected online,” he said.

Big plan

The telco is spending about RM1mil on the marketing campaign that will run over six months.

Celcom Broadband Prepaid plans are available for RM20 for a week’s worth of unlimited Internet connections while RM6 will buy you 24 hours of unlimited connectivity. The connection speed is up to a maximum of 384 kilobits per second.

It expects to sell at least 400 of the prepaid packs a day under the new marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, several hotels that In.Tech spoke to, said they aren’t worried about competition because their broadband services — in their rooms and via WiFi hotspots in other parts of their premises — are free for guests.

They also said Celcom’s latest initiative would be most beneficial to those travellers who need a mobile broadband service, such as users of social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

USM to help resolve confusion due to technical glitch

GEORGE TOWN: Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) will help the special committee set up by the Higher Education Ministry to resolve the confusion that arose because of a technical glitch in its student intake for the 2009/2010 academic session.

Its deputy vice chancellor Prof Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal said USM would help the committee, applicants and their parents in the matter.

He said USM was in the process of finalising its report for the ministry on the glitch in announcing successful candidates on it official website on Friday, May 29.

Speaking at a press conference here Monday, he said USM had notified applicants who were successful via SMS and was now awaiting their acceptance of the courses offered.

"Presently, we’re are preparing the final list of successful applicants before submitting a report on successful and non-successful candidates to the ministry's universities entrance management division (UPU).

The confusion arose when USM mistakenly listed 8,173 candidates on the website on May 29 as successful when actually the number should have only been 3,599.

Realising the mistake, USM rectified it the next day on May 30 but some 100 applicants together with their parents came to USM's campus here Sunday to seek clarification on the matter.

Ahmad Shukri said USM's priority now was to clear the confusion and that other matters related to the mistake would be handled later.

He added that USM regretted the mistake and apologised to the students who were affected by it.

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Najib: PKR’s Penanti win is no gauge of its popularity

JEJU (SOUTH KOREA): PKR’s win in the Penanti by-election cannot be a gauge of its popularity because it was only challenged by independent candidates, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said it was also hardly an encouraging win as only less than half of the registered voters in the constituency cast their votes.

“It is not a victory to be proud of,” he told the Malaysia media who were covering the Asean-South Korea Commemorative Summit here Monday.

PKR’s Mansor Othman won the by-election by garnering 6,052 votes.

Independents Nai-Kan Ari obtained 494 votes while Aminah Abdullah and Kamarul Ramizu obtained 392 and 56 votes respectively.

Only 7,101 voters or 46.15% of the 15,384 voters in the constituency cast their votes.

Najib said it was also not much of a victory for PKR’s Mansor because he obtained less votes than his predecessor, former Penang Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

In the general election last year, Mohammad Fairus won the seat by polling 7,346 votes, beating Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid with a majority of 2,219 votes.

Choong and Lee show they are capable of being spoilers

PETALING JAYA: Veteran men’s doubles shuttlers Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah have been short on training and tournaments since leaving the national team.

But if their performances in the recent Pahang Open is anything to go by, they could still be spoilers to the more fancied pairs in their last outing in the World Championships next month.

In Kuantan, they pulled off an upset win over the country’s top pair, Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, in the semi-finals. However, they were unable to cope with the pace in the final and were beaten in rubber games by Mohd Fairuzizuzan Mohd Tazari-Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif.

Although they fared reasonably well, Wan Wah said that they would not rate their chances highly in the World Championships scheduled for Aug 10-16 in Hyderabad.

“It was good that we beat Koo and Tan but we do not want to read too much into the win. Koo and Tan are still the better players,” he said.

“Our preparation for the World Championships can be better. We train everyday but it is only once in the morning. We also do not enjoy as many tournaments as the others.”

Wan Wah added that were currently in the chasing pack bidding for honours in the World Championships.

Besides the top two Malaysian pairs, Wan Wah said that China’s Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng, South Koreans Lee Yong-dae-Jung Jae-sung, Indonesians Markis Kido-Hendra Gunawan, Danes Lars Paaske-Jonas Rasmussen and Mathias Boe-Carsten Morgensen were one class better.

He, however, hoped that with more practice and competitions, they would be able to narrow the gap and break into the top eight in the world rankings before the championships in Hyderabad.

They will be competing in the Singapore Open (June 9-14), In­­do­­ne­­sian Open (June 16-21) and the Philippines Open (June 30-July 5).

“We hope to get a good seeding in the World Championships. For us, a good showing in the last two Super Se­­­­­ries events will help us to improve on our world rankings,” said Wan Wah.

Tan Fook-Wan Wah, who won the Indian Open, are now ranked at No. 10. The best results for Tan Fook-Wan Wah in the World Championship series were two semi-final appearances — in 2001 (Seville) and in 2007 (Kuala Lumpur).

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